The video may be all that you need to see if you are considering purchase of a human pheromone-enhanced product. Those who are interested in scientific support for the formula used in the products featured in the video may want to look at our publications and presentations page. Research by Kohl and his colleagues continues to lead the way for others to attempt to formulate their pheromone-enhanced products in attempts to make them as effective as the Scent of Eros product line.

More videos (from a presentation by James V. Kohl on human pheromones at the 50th anniversary meeting of American Mensa) are posted on the “Ego Wall” of this site.

If you want to know more about the science of human pheromones, there is much more to be learned here.

The concept

What makes you appealing?

Are humans visual creatures?

It’s never too late to start thinking ahead. Learning more about human pheromones may help you to learn more about your behavior, especially when your behavior doesn’t seem to fit with what you think it should be.

The Nature of Physical Attraction


This site contains links to Scent of Eros pheromone-enhanced products (one scented for men; one unscented; one scented for women), and to information on how to purchase other pheromone products.

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GENERAL INFO — Easy-to-read general audience information about pheromones and human sexuality.

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PRODUCT SALES — Pheromone-enhanced fragrance products developed by James Vaughn Kohl.  No other similar product has been formulated based upon years of research and experience. This is why Kohl has, since 1996, established a comprehensive approach to marketing effective products with his Scent of Eros trademark. Testimonials are always available, and free samples are often available. Even when free samples are not available, all Scent of Eros products can be purchased with a “money back” guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain from learning about the chemistry of physical attraction.

Established in 1996 (originally as its sister site:, when human pheromone research was in its infancy, this site continues to serve as a comprehensive information resource for general and for scientific knowledge.  No other domain provides you with all the information you need. will continue to provide you with all the latest information about human pheromones. The information here will help you to explain and to predict behavior.


Researchers crack olfactory code for partner selection

Researchers crack olfactory code for partner selection, synthesise first biologically effective perfume

Researchers believe that not only the perception of body odour, but also of perfumes, play a role in sexual communication. After all, humans have been using perfumes for more than 5,000 years.

February 01, 2013 • 9:57 PM

Doing it naturally, with pheromones

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August 04, 2011 • 12:30 PM

Scent of Eros products

Scent of Eros products are formulated by James V. Kohl, a clinical laboratory scientist. The products work as pheromones do in other species. All mammals perceive pheromones in a manner analogous to their perception of food odors. No species consciously perceives the hormone-mediated changes that allow pheromones and food odors to affect behavior. Thus, the behavioral affects of food odors and pheromones are typically unconscious affects.

We may sometimes think about food odors and associate them with behavioral affects during the development of our food preferences, and few people would deny the role of food odors in food selection. In contrast, pheromones are typically subliminal scents that function at levels below those that can be consciously detected. We do not think about them and therefore most people do not associate pheromones either with changes in their behavior, or with changes in the behavior of others.

But you don’t need to understand the science of human pheromones to use them to influence the behavior of others. You probably already know that not all spices enhance the appeal of food for all people. Enhancing your natural scent with pheromones may not affect everyone you meet in the same way. But pheromone-enhancement will make you less of a plain Jane, or typical Joe. If you don’t want to seem special to others you meet, don’t use pheromone-enhanced fragrances.

June 15, 2011 • 1:24 AM

Conditioning of the response to pheromones begins at birth

Mice are mammals, which indicates that the same process is involved in humans.

Mouse nose nerve cells mature after birth, allowing bonding, recognition with mother

For rodent pups, bonding with mom isn’t hard-wired in the womb. It develops over the first few weeks of life, which is achieved by their maturing sense of smell, possibly allowing these mammals a survival advantage by learning to identify mother, siblings, and home.

March 15, 2011 • 8:52 AM

New book about sex pheromones

Intraspecific chemical communication in vertebrates with special attention to sex pheromones. NUR-code: 922. ISBN: 978-90-77713-78-5. © 2011 by R. van den Hurk.

Available for $ 45 (or 35), inclusive transfer costs. Paypal accepted through this account:

This 2011 edition (191 pages) is an update from the book entitled ‘Intraspecific chemical communication in vertebrates with special attention to its role in reproduction’ (R. van den Hurk, 2007). With the appearance of the new edition, it now becomes the most recent and most comprehensive pheromone review available.

In this book you will find a survey of intraspecific pheromonal and odorous processes in Vertebrates, the source where such semiochemicals are formed, their chemical nature, the sites where they are perceived, and the way in which they can exert their effects. Knowledge of these nature and role of these chemicals is important for their application in fish breeding, husbandry and production of farm animals, housing of companion animals, integrated management of harmful animals (like beavers which, in dense populations, may cause enormous damage to nature), reproduction of endangered animal species, and behaviour of humans.

After the publishing of the first edition in February 2007, world-wide attention of pheromone research was particularly directed to odorant/pheromone receptors and signal transduction within odorant/pheromone sensing cells. Therefore, in the new edition of the book, the chapter ‘Olfactory receptor sites, odorant and pheromonal perception, signal transduction, and conduction of evoked action potentials to and within the brain’ has substantially been changed, while in every chapter new information (published until January 2011) has been incorporated. Most tables are extended with new data on sex pheromones in vertebrate species. To focus more on the term (sex) pheromone and to facilitate tracing of the current book, the original book title has slightly been changed.

Dr. R. van den Hurk

Pheromone Information Centre, Brugakker 5895, 3704 MX Zeist, Netherlands.

E-mail address:

March 08, 2011 • 6:44 PM

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