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Love at first sight: Divine intervention, selective breeding, and pheromones

Do reports that love is a universal feeling have anything to do with the ubiquitous nature of pheromones, which exist in species from yeasts to humans?  Here’s an indication of how pheromones might be involved in love at first sight. The full text of this article is available from

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Love at first sight: a fundamental attribution error

The fundamental attribution error is a common type of mental bias in social psychology. To those who better understand the biological basis of behavior, it is a blatantly ridiculous error that suggests an inability to reason effectively. The error involves placing a heavy emphasis on internal personality characteristics that are used to explain someone’s behavior in a given situation, rather than thinking about external situational factors. The biological basis for the development of internal personality is not detailed. With love at first sight, the beloved’s personality simply exists at the time any associated brain-directed behavior is manifest. The behavior is manifest as a response to the external situation that involves the beloved. (more…)

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