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Marketers with no interest in the science of human pheromones continue to promote their products with claims of expertise. Here are a few links to publications and presentations, and to interviews that attest to Kohl's expertise on the topic of human pheromones.

Blog Radio Interview November 5, 2009 The Kim and Eddie Show You can fast forward to about 30 minutes into the show and listen to Kohl's 45-minute conversational interview.

Reiss Plenary Picture

Reiss Plenary 2007 PowerPoint Presentation from Kohl's Plenary presentation at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

Zdeneck Klein Award 2001 for publication of Human Pheromones: Linking Neuroendocrinology and Ethology

2009 NY Times Article Pheromone-enhanced products are like make-up.

2007 Chicago Tribune Article  Little-known nerve [Nerve Zero] may be secret to lust. 

2007 05 Cosmopolitan2008 01 Mat&Helse2007 10 Mensa Bulletin1993 11 Penthouse Forum2005 02 Redbook2006 02 Womans World

Kohl has been interviewed for or cited in the above publications.

Also see the article in Marie Claire

JVK and J Elders

JVK with former US Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders (2007)

JVK and Roger Gorski

JVK with neurobiologist Dr. Roger Gorski (1995)

Click Here for IBDS 1995 Group Photo

JVK at IBDS 1995 (1rst row; second from left) Presentations

Click Here for IBDS 2000 Group Photo

JVK at IBDS 2000 (4th row; 3rd from left) Presentations

Clilck Here for IBDS 2005 Group Photo

JVK at IBDS 2005 (3rd row; 4th from left) Presentations

SFN 2008

Society for Neuroscience Poster Presentation 2008

SSSS 2007

Society for the Scienfic Study of Sexuality Poster Presentation 2007 L to R Linda Kelahan, James Kohl, Heather Hoffmann

Book Reviews by Kohl: The Emperor of Scent; The Biology of Love; Pheromones and Animal Communication