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Scent of Eros Fragrance Products incorporate James Vaughn Kohl's conceptualization of communication through human pheromones, as presented in his book, and in his research journal publications. Each product comes with a money back guarantee; each product enhances your natural appeal.

View unsolicited testimonials in these excerpts from a television special: Scent of Eros

Scent of Eros for men has been the topic of several ongoing discussions in The Pheromone Forum at Love Search the Pheromone Forum for Scent of Eros or SOE and you will find information from people who have used this phenomenally successful product. It is available in an oil based roll-on applicator, or as individual trial sizes in a gel-pack. Unsolicited product testimonials/commentary are available with information on other comparable products here when you click on the fourth tab from the left:

Due to customer interest in an unscented product (one that can be used very discreetly) unscented Scent of Eros is now available without any fragrance added. This product contains androstenol and androsterone, and was an instant success. It is evident that many people now know that pheromones work, whether or not you can smell them. Androstenol has positive effects on hormone levels and on mood in women. Androsterone adds an extra masculine component to the unscented blend for a positive effect on women, whether or not she wears it, or her potential partner wears it..

Scent of Eros for women incorporates research that shows increased production of male hormones in men who are briefly exposed to the active ingredients in this product. The hormone increase in men is linked to "getting a man's attention." The overall fragrance mimics the naturally appealing scent of a 17-24 year-old fertile woman. (Women smell best when they are most fertile.)  In addition, the musky: androstenol (another active ingredient) has been shown to positively influence hormone levels and mood in women. Accordingly, a woman who wears Scent of Eros is likely to feel better about herself as well as to enhance her feminine scent appeal. Scent of Eros for women is also available in a gel-pack.