New book about sex pheromones

After the publishing of the first edition in February 2007, world-wide attention of pheromone research was particularly directed to odorant/pheromone receptors and signal transduction within odorant/pheromone sensing cells.

Schrodinger conference

The birds and the bees; olfaction and pheromones

Product sales have been virtually eliminated by the pseudoscientific nonsense touted by neo-Darwinian theorists and Big Bang cosmologists. I may revisit their ridiculous claims here, but prefer to continue moving forward via my other domains: RNA-mediated ...


The following pages  of unsolicited testimonials (too many to read in their entirety) are some of those we received during the first few years that the Scent of Eros for men was available. There are now literally thousands of unsolicited testimonials that can be found simply by searching on the product name (or in some cases, its initials).  This product line continues to advertise itself by virtue of its overwhelming success. Scent of Eros (SOE) . . . it has so many positives and I feel is really underestimated by those in pursuit of "sexual hits". The effects you noticed on yourself are similar to what I experience with SOE - just much more confidence, feeling at ease in all situations and this translates to being able to meet and interact with everyone very easily. And folks around just seem to like you instantly, talk about anything and everything with you and I've become so used to the attention I get from waitresses, waiters, bartenders, my co-workers etc. - but my friends (who I've never told I wear pheros) all say they can't figure out how I seem to "mesmerize" folks and I've gained this rep. of being "the man" (PT 5/18/2003) SOE even in its praise is still underrated, I am not sure how I ignored it for so long. (TM 5/20/2003) SOE when you are wearing it has that effect on people were it makes them take every word you say as more important, you may notice people lean into you more, or seem to be anticipating something "great" that you will say next. Along with this people take what you say more to heart and it seems like they enjoy your words more then you. ...