An evolutionary theory killer

A single base change refutes theistic evolution (2)

Announcing publication of a model that links the creation of quantized energy from changes in subatomic particles to biophysically constrained viral latency and sympatric speciation in all living genera.

Nutrient-dependent Pheromone-Controlled Ecological Adaptations: From Angstroms to Ecosystems

This angstroms to ecosystems model of ecological adaptation links nutrient energy-dependent epigenetic effects on base pairs and amino acid substitutions to pheromone-controlled changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance and chromosomal rearrangements via the physiology of reproduction in species from microbes to humans.

The invited review of nutritional epigenetics was returned without review and the preprint was posted 4 years ago as:

Nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptations: from atoms to ecosystems

The only significant change to the manuscript was a change in the title. Atoms to ecosystems became Angstroms to Ecosystems when quantized energy-dependent changes in angstroms were linked to ecological adaptation by what is known to all serious scientists in this 2014 parody.
All About that Base (Meghan Trainor Parody) 12/10/14
Repeat after them (and me): “… every angstrom is dynamic from the 5 prime to the three…”
See also the 2015 publication: Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA

DNA simultaneously exists in a largely inactive B-form with bases tucked in and protected and an active, highly varied structure with exposed bases.

See also: RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering

George Church and others may have been the first to place the naturally occurring biophysically constrained energy-dependent processes of ecological adaptations into the context of a patent. (It is extremely unusual for anyone to attempt to patent a naturally occurring process.) That explains why there is no patent litigation, which still plagues those who claimed to discover the CRISPR-Cas 9 innate immune system of bacteria, which biophysically constrains viral latency and prevents the degradation of messenger RNA that links the energy-dependent creation of bacteria to the virus-driven creation of archaea and L-forms. All biophysically constrained virus-driven pathology has since been placed back into the context of embryogenesis and the dynamics of energy-dependent gene expression at the level of single-cell resolution as if bacteria somehow evolved into humans.


Single-cell reconstruction of developmental trajectories during zebrafish embryogenesis
Single-cell mapping of gene expression landscapes and lineage in the zebrafish embryo
The dynamics of gene expression in vertebrate embryogenesis at single-cell resolution
Chronicling embryos, cell by cell, gene by gene
Reported as: How one cell gives rise to an entire body
See for comparison our section on molecular epigenetics in: From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996)
Watch pseudoscientists continue to make ridiculous claims that fail to link the creation of biophysically constrained thermonuclear energy to autophagy and all biodiversity in the context of the cell biology game Cytosis and most of the forthcoming presentations during Schrödinger at 75 – The Future of Biology – September 2018.
Remember to note that at the end of the parody All About that Base, the research group politely refers to Neil deGrasse Tyson as a big ass (er, a bass). Try not to use the acronym ROTFLMAO in attempts to discuss what is known to all serious scientists with theorists.

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