Appetite for ingesting theories (raw)

On The Edge of Neuroscience and Psychology Facebook Group, no one seems interested enough to discuss the difference between an epigenetic effect on hormones and an affect of hormones on behavior.
Without a starting point for discussion, there may be no further comments on Goy, R. W., and McEwen, B. S. (1980). Sexual Differentiation of the Brain. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
Without discussion of nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated sexual differentiation of cell types in the brain, there is no way to link RNA-mediated cell type differentiation via nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions to cell type differentiation in all cells of all individuals of all genera via the conserved molecular mechanisms of epigenetically-effected top-down causation to their control via fixation of the substitutions in the context of the physiology of reproduction.
For more details on the problem, which may have led to the ridiculous claims of evolutionary theorists, see the series of posts that follow from:

How Appetite Affects the Brain


If people do not start discussing the RNA-mediated links from metabolic networks to genetic networks that serious scientists have placed into the context of nutritional epigenetics and pharmacogenomics they can blame themselves for failure of others who are “Combating Evolution to Fight Disease”

Re: Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.
My comment: The theorists are unarmed but most of them seem to think that they have won the fight via the declaration that mutations cause evolution.  See for example: Mutation-Driven Evolution. 

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