As obvious as the nose on your face

Why would olfactory orientation and navigation be less likely than the RNA-mediated link to sexual orientation in species from yeasts to humans? See:

From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior

and see:

Olfactory Orientation and Navigation in Humans

reported as:

Humans’ built-in GPS is our 3-D sense of smell


We never thought humans could have a good enough sense of smell for this,” said Jacobs. But in retrospect, she noted, the results are “as obvious as the nose on my face.

See also: Humans as an Animal Model for Systems-Level Organization of Olfaction

It is the possibility of obtaining a verbal percept, matching it to behavioral performance, and linking all of this to activity patterns of multiple neurons in vivo and single harvested neurons in a dish, together with whole-brain patterns of neural activity obtained during natural sniffing without anesthesia—all potentially collected not only from the same species, but also from the very same individual— that render this animal model so particularly appealing.

My comment: Unfortunately, this animal model did not appeal to social scientists or other pseudoscientists who still tout theories about mutations instead of considering RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions that link ecological variation to ecological adaptations in all genera.

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