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Asking the right questions (2)

See first: Asking the right questions (1)
I reiterate:

My comment: The Journal of Molecular Biology topic is “Mechanisms and Functional Diversity of Macromolecular Remodeling by ATP-Dependent Motors.” The authors have linked energy-dependent changes from angstroms to ecosystems via the conserved molecular mechanism of autophagy. The mechanisms link the innate immune system of bacteria to their nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction, which biophysically constrains virus-driven energy theft and all pathology in all living genera.

Peter Berean wrote:


IF you want more discussion, I am game.

So far you have established that
– Viruses cause SOME pathology (based on some of your articles).

What you have NOT established as yet is:
1) that Bacteria do NOT cause pathology
2) that toxic metals do NOT cause pathology
3) that NON-viral mutations do NOT cause pathology

And also you still have to establish
4) that Energy Theft by viruses is the ONLY mechanism by which other creatures are killed (pathologically)

Most people just give up on discussion with you after a while, because NONE of your posts actually address and resolve these questions above.

I am giving you the chance to do so if you wish.

Otherwise, the wise thing to do is to modify your hypothesis to state that SOME pathologies are caused by Viruses (but NOT necessarily ALL pathologies)…


My reply:

Most of my posts do not address all aspects of the Mechanisms and Functional Diversity of Macromolecular Remodeling by ATP-Dependent Motors

Theorists do not address any facts known to serious scientists, and apologists seem to want more facts. Here are the facts that have been established so far.
Virus-driven energy theft causes ALL pathology. 2016 Nobel Laureate Yoshinori Ohsumi established that fact in the context of experimental evidence during the past 18 years.

The wise thing for you to do is to stop denying the obvious support for Biblical Genesis that all serious scientists have published in the context of what is known about autophagy, which is best explained in the context of “Mechanisms and Functional Diversity of Macromolecular Remodeling by ATP-Dependent Motors”

See also: Susanne Den Boer

The video shows bumblebees, not honeybees…

Thanks. Please compare your comment to the question asked by Angelica Parente. If ever you learn that the molecular mechanisms of autophagy and healthy longevity or virus-driven energy theft and all pathology are conserved across kingdoms, apologize to all the serious scientists in the world for preventing scientific progress by not asking the right questions. For example: “Why did Rosalind Franklin’s work with the tobacco mosaic virus cause her to doubt the Watson and Crick representation of a static double helix?

My first response to you has gone missing. Let me clarify my point: No one who places “Plant Energy Biology” into the context of “Evolutionary Biology” will understand my model of the Mechanisms and Functional Diversity of Macromolecular Remodeling by ATP-Dependent Motors. It starts with the creation of energy and explains how virus-driven energy theft is linked to all pathology via conserved molecular mechanisms in species from microbes to humans. The mechanisms link energy-dependent changes in angstroms to ecosystems via what is known about autophagy. The energy is not destroyed. Viruses use it to replicate.

On Angela Parente’s FB page, I attempted to write:

I miss discussions with Eshel Ben-Jacob about natural information processing. Are you familiar with his works? Have you placed energy as information into the context of your experiments? If not, I can update you on some information that you may want to consider. Someone from Susan Rosenberg’s lab asked me about it, but at the time she was not prepared to do any experiments for confirmation. No one but you has asked the right question during the past year or two. Are you talking about biophysically constrained RNA-mediated cell type differentiation among yourselves? See for example:

Sorry, this page isn’t available

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

All serious scientists know that a New Study Model of Evolution is required for scientific progress. Despite that fact, pseudoscientists and the biologically uninformed masses aren’t giving up without a fight.  They will continue to suppress accurate representations of biologically-based cause and effect as if their life depended on it.

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