Conserved molecular mechanisms

Functional Conservation of the Glide/Gcm Regulatory Network Controlling Glia, Hemocyte and Tendon Cell Differentiation in Drosophila
Abstract excerpt:

High throughput screens allow us to understand how transcription factors trigger developmental processes including cell specification. A major challenge is the identification of their binding sites because feedback loops and homeostatic interactions may mask the direct impact of those factors in transcriptome analyses.

My comment: Evolutionary theorists must accept the fact that feedback loops and homeostatic interactions are conserved and stop making ridiculous claims about mutations and evolution. Virus-driven genomic entropy is not something that can be conserved across species via natural selection. Only a biologically uninformed science idiot would dare to suggest such a thing, or to keep suggesting it more than a decade after serious scientists have detailed the links from the microRNA/messenger RNA balance to cell type differentiation in all living genera.

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