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Easy editing: Reinventing our RNA world


Most present-day animals and plants defend themselves against viruses with structures made out of RNA.

My comment: RNA-mediated gene duplication and fixation of  RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions in the context of the nutrient-dependent physiology of learning, memory, and reproduction links the biophysically constrained chemistry of cell type differentiation in all genera via conserved molecular mechanisms.
That fact was integrated into the science fiction novel Blood Music by Greg Bear, who subsequently included the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in a link to the creation of a new human sub-species.  See for example: Darwin’s Radio and Darwin’s Children.
Ask why some serious scientists are still fighting against the facts that have enabled others to detail how every aspect of cell type differentiation occurs in all genera, and link science fiction to what is now known about Combating Evolution to Fight Disease in the context of “Precision Medicine.”
See for contrast:

Human Evolution’s Biggest Questions May Find Answers in New Analysis


Yet another debate in human evolution has to do with the suggestion that the earliest, now-extinct human lineages, once thought to be multiple species, might actually have been one species. Prior research analyzed bones excavated from Dmanisi, a medieval hilltop town in the Republic of Georgia. The analysis found that these 1.85-million-year-old bones — the oldest hominin remains outside Africa — were very diverse. This finding led researchers investigating Dmanisi to suggest that early, diverse humans fossils might not represent several human species but rather variants of a single lineage.

My comment: Bacteria that appear to have not evolved during the past 1.8 billion years suggest that all bacteria are variants of a single lineage. Ecological variation led to ecological adaptation via RNA-mediated gene duplication and fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions that are required to “re-evolve” the bacterial flagellum, which reportedly occurred in 4 days.

“You can’t stop science from progressing,” Jinek says. “Science is what it is.” He’s right. Science gives people power. And power is unpredictable.

My comment: You can delay scientific progress by touting pseudoscientific nonsense about mutations and natural selection that suggests beneficial mutations are linked to healthy longevity and selection for survival.
See for comparison:
Art and science combine to reveal the inner workings of our DNA
The inner workings of our DNA are RNA-mediated. The epigenetic landscape is linked to the physical landscape of DNA via nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated gene duplication and fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions in the context of the nutrient-dependent physiology of reproduction in all living genera.
The anti-entropic epigenetic effect of nutrients prevents the accumulation of viruses, which perturb protein folding. Nutrient-dependent microRNAs protect all cell types in all individuals of all species from viral microRNAs. The viral microRNAs link entropic elasticity to genomic entropy when fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions fails to stabilize organized genomes. Viruses, simply put, cause the stress-induced failure of RNA-mediated genomic stability.
Others might already have learned this if Jay R. Feierman had not banned me from participation on the ISHE’s human ethology yahoo discussion group.  He demanded an answer to a question about RNA, which was posed by Andrew Jones, who is the biologically uninformed science idiot who wrote:
Criticisms of the nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled evolutionary model.
See for comparison, the claim by Eugene Koonin:

The entire evolution of the microbial world and the virus world, and the interaction between microbes and viruses and other life forms have been left out of the Modern Synthesis…

See also:

evolutionary science has now “moved on to such an extent” that she and Peter Saunders don’t really care anymore about “trying to convince the neo-Darwinists.”

My comment: The neo-Darwinists have been stuck with the pseudoscientific nonsense about mutations and evolution since their theories were first invented by population geneticists. Many serious scientists know that, but the serious scientists continue to be ignored. There is no way to convince ignorant theorists that they are too ignorant to understand biologically-based cause and effect. Watch this short video, which includes no information about the role of viruses or RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions.

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