Alternative splicing of pre-mRNA

Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (3)

See also: Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (2)

But see: Lineage-Specific Genome Architecture Links Enhancers and Non-coding Disease Variants to Target Gene Promoters

Re: “…the interactomes of 31,253 annotated promoters in 17 human primary blood cell types.”


Here, we link thousands of GWAS SNPs to their putative target genes and prioritize more than 2,500 potential disease-associated genes, three-quarters of which were not previously implicated.

Reported as: Researchers identify missing links that connect human DNA variation with disease

My comment: All “missing links” are nutrient energy-dependent and biophysically constrained by the physiology of reproduction. They link RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions to cell type differentiation in all cell types of all living genera via the innate immune system and supercoiled DNA. Mathematical models are useless in that context. They are based on inferences and assumptions.

Ask the researchers to explain how the lineage-specific genome architecture was originally established? They ignore the fact that more than 1200 nutrient energy-dependent RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions also differentiate the types of human blood cells.The ongoing gene-centric focus has caused them to miss every aspect of cell type differentiation reported by serious scientists during the past two decades. Those reports are based on what has been known about biophysically constrained cell type differentiation since the time that Thomas Hunt Morgan won the 1933 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for detailing the role of chromosomes as units of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

Top-down causation has been linked from the nutrient energy-dependent pheromone-controlled weekend resurrection of the bacterial flagellum to naturally occurring fluorescence in supercoiled DNA.

Is this an example of viral latency, or not? Zika Virus Research

The researchers found that Zika virus can live in eyes and have identified genetic material from the virus in tears. The research, in mice, helps explain why some Zika patients develop eye disease, including a condition known as uveitis that can lead to permanent vision loss.

My question: Where is the example of how viral latency is biophysically constrained in the context of the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of healthy longevity and energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy?

Where did the energy come from? Who claimed it cannot be destroyed in the context of the Laws of Thermodynamics? If the Laws accurately represent top-down causation, what do neo-Darwinian theories represent?

See also this google search for: energy “purifying selection” and watch as the definition of “natural selection” continues to change to finally include this fact: “The environment of a genome includes the molecular biology in the cell, other cells, other individuals, populations, species, as well as the abiotic environment.

See Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (4)

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