From dust to genomic entropy?

Extreme eolian delivery of reactive iron to late Paleozoic icehouse seas

Reported as: Dust, iron, life: How atmospheric dust prepped Earth for life


The biogeochemical impacts of iron-rich dust to the oceans are known for Earth’s recent record but unexplored for deep time…

My comment: The fact that this has been unexplored requires another untestable theory about dust-prepped Earth to explain the origin of what is happening in this video.

My comment: The origins of how the dust-prepped Earth was prepped for death are not typically compared in the context of the biological complexity of life.  See, for comparison:

My comment: This video represents the threat that viruses pose to organized genomes.  The damage to DNA caused by viruses may not be repaired well enough to link nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated DNA repair from microRNAs and cell adhesion proteins to our supercoiled DNA via fixation of amino acid substitutions in the context of the physiology of reproduction. The nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions typically protect organized genomes from virus-driven entropy. Fixation of the nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions is linked to cell type differentiation in all cells of all individuals of all living genera. Cause and effect are tractable to viruses that steal energy from cell types in which the energy theft leads to symptoms of influenza.

The major antigenic changes of the influenza virus are primarily caused by a single amino acid near the receptor binding site.

My comment: Viruses also appear to be linked to diseases of the X chromosome and all pathology via the honeybee model organism.
See: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model

The honeybee already serves as a model organism for studying human immunity, disease resistance, allergic reaction, circadian rhythms, antibiotic resistance, the development of the brain and behavior, mental health, longevity, diseases of the X chromosome, learning and memory, as well as conditioned responses to sensory stimuli (Kohl, 2012).

My comment: One way to help clarify the link from viruses to all pathology is to link viruses to perturbed protein folding and epigenetically-effected X-inactivation

My comment: Taken together, these three visual representations of biologically-based cause and effect link the sun’s biological energy to life. They also link virus-perturbed protein folding to all pathology and to death.
Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theorists tend to only casually address the origins of life in their theories such as the one about dust prepped life. Few serious scientists take the evolutionary theorists seriously.
For contrast, serious scientists are Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.

…an important gap is being filled by molecular understanding of the genesis of variation that confers the ability to evolve.

The genesis of variation is nutrient-dependent. Do organisms eat dust? If so, eating dust might be linked from theories about dust, iron, and life to all other pseudoscientic nonsense touted by neo-Darwinists, who failed to consider the role that viruses play in all pathology at the time they invented their theories.

The entire evolution of the microbial world and the virus world, and the interaction between microbes and viruses and other life forms have been left out of the Modern Synthesis…Eugene Koonin

For comparison, the de novo creation of receptors allows nutrients to enter cells, but also allows viruses to enter cells. The viruses steal the nutrient-dependent energy that cells require for differentiation, and the viruses use that energy for their replication. Eventually, the replication of viruses leads to treatable pathology, or to death by the treatment of the pathology, or to death by the viruses.
That fact links the origins of life and death to the conserved molecular mechanisms of nutrient-dependent cell type differentiation in the context of the physiology of reproduction. It also links feedback loops from odors to the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction in species from microbes to man. 
The feedback loops link everything currently know about nutritional epigenetics to healthy longevity and everything known about healthy longevity to disease prevention and treatment paradigms that are now being placed into the context of the Precision Medicine Initiative, which links RNA-mediated events from RNA-directed DNA methylation to life and death on Earth via this atoms to ecosystems representation of biologically-based cause and effect.

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