Full text publications by James V. Kohl about human pheromones

With the recent addition of an author’s copy of our 1996 Hormones and Behavior article,  the full test of all three of my peer-reviewed articles is available.

Kohl, J.V. (2007). “The Mind’s Eyes: Human pheromones, neuroscience, and male sexual preferences.” author’s copy Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality 18(4): 313-369.

Kohl, J.V., et al. (2001). “Human pheromones: integrating neuroendocrinology and ethology.” full text of Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 22(5): 309-21.

Diamond, M., Binstock , T. &  Kohl , JV. (1996).  “From fertilization to adult sexual behavior.” author’s copy Horm Behav. 30(4): 333-53.

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