Is DNA-directed transcription RNA-mediated?

Single-cell transcriptogenomics reveals transcriptional exclusion of ENU-mutated alleles.
Concluding sentence excerpt: “…rather than a rigid deterministic mechanism, transcription is not hardwired and able to select against potentially adverse changes in the DNA template. Such transcription avoidance may be yet another layer of protection against the detrimental consequences of mutations and provide further clues to understanding its possible consequences, including reduced penetrance and variable expressivity.”
Reported as:

Rather than being a one-way street, DNA-directed RNA transcription may have profound adaptability

Excerpt: “…allowed the authors, for the first time, to prove the tendency of the transcriptional machinery in the cell to avoid transcribing DNA strands harboring a newly induced mutation. This is likely to be a novel cellular defense mechanism to prevent genetic mutations from being expressed.”
My comment: I detailed this cause and effect relationship in the context of the anti-entropic epigenetic effects of light-induced amino acid substitutions in plants and animals, and nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions that control the physiology of reproduction via their fixation in the organized genomes of all genera. If I had not already done that, I would be scrambling to present accurate representations of top-down causation by detailing the links between viral microRNAs and nutrient-dependent microRNAs that lead from entropic elasticity to epistasis in all genera. I would not be waiting for someone else to do it.
Why should anyone else get to enjoy all the negative feedback from evolutionary theorists and theoretical physicists who support the evolution industry and “big bang” cosmology industry?  Now, after the laughter about their ridiculous theories dies down, everyone can join other serious scientists who are Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.
Welcome to the real world of biologically-based top-down causation that links physics, chemistry, and the conserved molecular mechanisms of cell type differentiation from atoms to ecosystems. Wave goodbye to people like Masotoshi Nei who claim “…genomic conservation and constraint-breaking mutation is the ultimate source of all biological innovations and the enormous amount of biodiversity in this world.” (p. 199) Mutation-Driven Evolution
See for comparison: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model.

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