amino acid homeostasis

Keep the gay gene theory?

The data that links small molecules, such as microRNAs, from metabolic networks to genetic networks, makes the claims of neo-Darwinian theorists the theme of this parody. It is an accurate representation of how nutrient-dependent base pair changes link ecological variation to ecological adaptation and all biomass on earth via what is currently known to serious scientists about base pair changes and RNA-mediated DNA repair.

For example: This gene-centric theory has been eliminated.

Gene May Prompt Male-to-Male Attraction in Worms

Excerpt 1) “…the gene variant, known as plep-1, may somehow be altering the chemical profile of the excretions in a way that makes them more attractive to other males.”

Excerpt 2) Next, the researchers want to learn what it is about a mutation in the plep-1 gene that makes males attractive to other males.

My comment: Anyone who wants to keep the gay gene theory will need to link the mutation to male homosexuality in humans.

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