Loss of energy as information (1)

Summary: Koonin claims that the theories of population geneticists have replaced what he calls the just-so stories of adaptationists with testable predictions. He claims that serious scientists should attempt to falsify the ridiculous theories touted by people like him, so that the ongoing use of ridiculous mathematical models can improve our understanding of evolution.
I think Koonin may be attempting to address the concerns brought forward after another biologically uninformed science idiot claimed that my refutation of neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense was “…an unsupported challenge to modern evolutionary theory and misrepresentations of established scientific terms and others’ research.”
See for comparison: In modern discourse, …[Bonini’s] paradox was articulated by John M. Dutton and William H. Starbuck[2]

“As a model of a complex system becomes more complete, it becomes less understandable. Alternatively, as a model grows more realistic, it also becomes just as difficult to understand as the real-world processes it represents” (Computer Simulation of Human Behaviour, 1971).

The difficulty of understanding “real-world” processes has since been placed into the context of:  Building Blocks of Life May Have Formed in Water Droplets
From the journal article: Abiotic production of sugar phosphates and uridine ribonucleoside in aqueous microdroplets

…we show that sugar phosphates and a ribonucleoside form spontaneously in microdroplets, without enzymes or an external energy source.

My comment to The Scientist:

Something seems to be missing from what others may believe about the anti-entropic virucidal energy-dependent creation of life.

See for instance: Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” (1964)

The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent.

That suggests there is no such thing as “abiotic production.” It is more likely that Schrodinger (1944) was correct:

Indeed, in the case of higher animals we know the kind of orderliness they feed upon well enough, viz. the extremely well-ordered state of matter in more or less complicated organic compounds, which serve them as foodstuffs. After utilizing it they return it in a very much degraded form -not entirely degraded, however, for plants can still make use of it. (These, of course, have their most power supply of ‘negative entropy’ the sunlight.) (pp. 73 and 74)

See also: Olfaction Warps Visual Time Perception

The authors linked the quantized energy-dependent creation of the sense of smell in bacteria from the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction to all biophysically constrained biodiversity in the context of the space-time continuum and our visual perception of energy and mass.

See also: October 18, 2017 Complex evolutionary footprints revealed in an analysis of reused protein segments of diverse lengths

…our results unequivocally show that duplication of protein segments happens both above and below the domain level among amino acid segments of diverse lengths. Indeed, we show that significant evolutionary information is lost when the protein is approached as a string of domains.

Duplication of protein segments is energy-dependent.
Concluding sentence:

“…the principles presented here and the computational pipeline could facilitate the detection of such peptides. Relating themes to biological functions, such as binding of ligands, nucleic acids, and proteins, may also facilitate this effort, offering a perspective on the evolution of protein function.”

Protein function is energy-dependent. No experimental evidence of biophysically constrained biologically-based cause and effect suggests that protein function “evolved” outside the context of what is known about the sun’s energy. The detection of all energy-dependent links from electrons to ecosystems via peptides has shown that the functional structure of supercoiled DNA is RNA-mediated and biophysically constrained by the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction.

The physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction biophysically constrains the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA that serious scientists have linked from mutations to all pathology.

See: [Pheromonal regulation of genetic processes: research on the house mouse (Mus musculus L.)]

For a perspective on the coevolution of protein function and speciation during the past 6000 years, see: Genome divergence and diversification within a geographic mosaic of coevolution
Our results further characterize a striking example of coevolution driving speciation within perhaps as little as 6000 years.

Did coevolution (aka ecological adaptation, aka evolutionary adaptation) drive all speciation during the past 6000 years? If so, what drove adaptive evolution?

See: January 10, 2013 Analysis of 6,515 exomes reveals the recent origin of most human protein-coding variants

We estimate that approximately 73% of all protein-coding SNVs and approximately 86% of SNVs predicted to be deleterious arose in the past 5,000–10,000 years. The average age of deleterious SNVs varied significantly across molecular pathways, and disease genes contained a significantly higher proportion of recently arisen deleterious SNVs than other genes.

If protein function “evolved,” what limited the number of deleterious mutations that arose in the past 5,000–10,000 years?

For the most likely answer, see: Base-pair opening dynamics of the microRNA precursor pri-miR156a affect temperature-responsive flowering in Arabidopsis

If the base-pair openings and closings of dynamic microRNA precursor pri-miR156a processing can be linked to all energy-dependent healthy longevity during the past 6,000 years via the physiology of reproduction in plants, will cryo-EM imaging reveal the overwhelming amount of pseudoscientific nonsense touted by neo-Darwinian theorists and other biologically uninformed science idiots?

See also: Cryo-EM imaging suggests how the double helix separates during replication

Replication is food energy-dependent, and current technology now attests to the comment Richard Feynman made about “human idiocy.”


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