Rivals cast doubt on facts about HGT

Rival Scientists Cast Doubt Upon Recent Discovery About Invincible Animals


A recent claim that tardigrades got a sixth of their DNA from microbes is starting to unravel.

My comment: No, it is not. Ed Yong has already admitted that the problem with such claims is that evolutionary theorists refuse to accept facts that link atoms to ecosystems in the context of biologically-based cause and effect.
He even accepted the blame for the problem. He wrote: The fault, arguably, is on us—science journalists, scientists, doctors, communicators, and everyone else who’s beating the drum about this impending threat. We’re not doing it very well.
If theorists and science journalists successfully kill the story about horizontal gene transfer in tardigrades, they will help to delay the end of neo-Darwinism and continue to limit acceptance of Greg Bear’s claims about viruses. Fortunately, Greg Bear included claims that link control of the virus-driven genomic entropy to ecological adaptations in tardigrades and all other living genera.
The nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction links ecological variation to ecological adaptation via what is known about supercoiled DNA in all species. That’s how Greg Bear’s claims now link atoms to ecosystems. His claims can be compared to the pseudoscientific nonsense of the rival’s claims that there is evidence only for contamination in the organized genomes of the tardigrades.
If the evidence is viewed in the context of ingested DNA that links fixation of beneficial RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions to protection from virus-driven genomic entropy, all evolutionists and the science journalists who have supported the evolution industry will continue to look like biologically uninformed science idiots.
Sales of books by Ed Yong or by Carl Zimmer will plummet as everyone buys books by Greg Bear because even a mere science fiction author knows more about biodiversity than science journalists or neo-Darwinists.

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