RNA methylation, learning, memory and behavior,

Excerpt: Our findings suggest that m6A is regulated in an activity-dependent manner in the adult brain, and may function to fine-tune mRNA turnover during memory-related processes.
My comment: They cite: Alarcón CR, Lee H, Goodarzi H, Halberg N, Tavazoie SF (2015) N6-methyladenosine marks primary microRNAs for processing. Nature 519:482–485.
In the context of experience-dependent learning and memory, the authors link quantized energy from hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution to RNA methylation and all RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry via the de novo creation of G protein-coupled receptors.
They indirectly refute neo-Darwinian theories by linking virus-driven energy theft from mutations to loss of function, which is linked to the creation of pseudogenes when stress-induced changes in pH facilitate the replication of viruses that cause the mutations, which are linked to all pathology.

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