Scent of Eros products

Scent of Eros products are formulated by James V. Kohl, a clinical laboratory scientist. The products work as pheromones do in other species. All mammals perceive pheromones in a manner analogous to their perception of food odors. No species consciously perceives the hormone-mediated changes that allow pheromones and food odors to affect behavior. Thus, the behavioral affects of food odors and pheromones are typically unconscious affects.

We may sometimes think about food odors and associate them with behavioral affects during the development of our food preferences, and few people would deny the role of food odors in food selection. In contrast, pheromones are typically subliminal scents that function at levels below those that can be consciously detected. We do not think about them and therefore most people do not associate pheromones either with changes in their behavior, or with changes in the behavior of others.

But you don’t need to understand the science of human pheromones to use them to influence the behavior of others. You probably already know that not all spices enhance the appeal of food for all people. Enhancing your natural scent with pheromones may not affect everyone you meet in the same way. But pheromone-enhancement will make you less of a plain Jane, or typical Joe. If you don’t want to seem special to others you meet, don’t use pheromone-enhanced fragrances.

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