Sulfated steroids and RNA-mediated identity codes

Sulfated steroids and RNA-mediated identity codes

Summary: In two studies of human pheromones we linked a mixture of androsterone and androstenol to increased flirtatious behavior and reports of increased attraction to the male wearing the mixture. This blog posts explains the reason for the use of those two chemicals in the context of what is currently known to serious scientists about cell type differentiation in all living genera.

Sequencing both microRNA and mRNA enabled us to identify changes on the microRNA level, and also to investigate what is happening to gene expression at the mRNA level, to understand which pathways are activated or downregulated….

My comment: This link from the microRNA/mRNA balance to healthy longevity for comparison to virus-driven pathology may come as a surprise to evolutionary theorists and theoretical physicists who have no ideas about how biologically-based cause and effect MUST be linked from atoms to ecosystems.

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