The following pages  of unsolicited testimonials (too many to read in their entirety) are some of those we received during the first few years that the Scent of Eros for men was available. There are now literally thousands of unsolicited testimonials that can be found simply by searching on the product name (or in some cases, its initials).  This product line continues to advertise itself by virtue of its overwhelming success.

Scent of Eros (SOE)

. . . it has so many positives and I feel is really underestimated by those in pursuit of “sexual hits”. The effects you noticed on yourself are similar to what I experience with SOE – just much more confidence, feeling at ease in all situations and this translates to being able to meet and interact with everyone very easily. And folks around just seem to like you instantly, talk about anything and everything with you and I’ve become so used to the attention I get from waitresses, waiters, bartenders, my co-workers etc. – but my friends (who I’ve never told I wear pheros) all say they can’t figure out how I seem to “mesmerize” folks and I’ve gained this rep. of being “the man” (PT 5/18/2003)

SOE even in its praise is still underrated, I am not sure how I ignored it for so long. (TM 5/20/2003)

SOE when you are wearing it has that effect on people were it makes them take every word you say as more important, you may notice people lean into you more, or seem to be anticipating something “great” that you will say next. Along with this people take what you say more to heart and it seems like they enjoy your words more then you. I was off SOE (now I stocked up not too long ago) and let me tell you it can’t be undervalued at all, its so much easier talking to whoever, I don’t care who you are when I am wearing SOE I will call you out on anything you do or just say things to you as I knew you, this totally goes against who I am by the way. (TM 5/17/2003)

SOE is a great product. In fact I just ordered three more bottles of the stuff. It makes up a large part of my mixes plus I use it on it’s own a lot. I personally think a lot of people on this forum underestimate the power of this phero product. (SM 5/18/2003)

Bottomline: SOE is definitely working. It’s not a miracle substance, but it really makes a difference. (TJ 5/23/2003)

I think I’m noticing some fairly discernible results with SOE on its own though. Of course no sexual hits off of it, but it makes me feel good and it just sort of chills out and mellows your interactions with people. It makes you have a pretty good day. Plain and simple. If more people knew about SOE, a lot of pharmaceutical companies would be going out of business I’d say. (PF 5/31/2003)

Yes, SOE is wonderful!! Every time I wear it, my girlfriend says I am “cheating” but she loves it, and can’t keep her hands off of me. (FL 6/3/2003)

I’ve found SOE (nol and its clean, watery scent) work well with foreign-born Asians. (WF 6/7/2003)

I’ve been using SOE for about 3 weeks now and have to say that it is a great product. It’s really hard to OD on this one.. I figured out that the more I put it on, the better the reaction from my girlfriend is (Unknown 3/25/2002)

Well I just posted another message with some of what happened this evening when I first got SOE . . . . I was not about to deal with any of her little bits of brat-attitude that she usually has… Even with my bad-attitude (not even interested in sex tonight either) she was really nice and sweet and cuddly and before I left I joked about a quickie and before I knew it she was on me and asked me to just bend her over the bed and make it quick (with a smile) All I have to say is WHERE WAS THIS STUFF WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!! (ZR 3/28/2002)

SOE rocks. Mission accomplished. (ST 3/18/2002)

SOE is the best career move I¹ve made in a long time. Subordinates are cooperative ( Some have said I¹m the best manager they¹ve ever worked for. Before SOE there was a constant power struggle.), superiors are supportive ( I¹ve gotten them to pay for seminars and all kinds of office equipment. And soon I¹m going on vacation, even though I haven¹t worked long enough to qualify for one. Before I felt as if they were nitpicking every move I made.), and coworkers are friendly (Before, everybody was arms-length.). . . . there¹s no question this stuff rocks in the workplace. I¹d be hooked even if it repelled women. (AK 3/23/2002)

I’ve had good results with SOE & love the fragrance. (TL 3/21/2002)

First day, I put on the full sample pack of SOE gel alone. Applied behind ears, neck and wrists. Went out for a movie with my cousin and his 2 girl friends. One of the girl got so close to me physically during the movie that she was in fact lying on my shoulder. Mind you, this is very uncommon in Asian region especially when you barely know someone. Before the movie ended, she asked for my number. Man, this stuff does work. Yet another skeptical newbie falls in love with pheromones. (SK 6/16/2003)

I just received my SOE (only took 5 days) & I already got 2 hits! . . . . I think I found my product! You rule James. (BA 3/11/2002)

People seem to be more trusting when using SOE… so it’s probably excellent for sales. (TL 3/12/202)

I just wanted to say that SOE works really well for me. I’m not looking to “get laid” with it, but I have noticed a dramatic increase on my attention from females at work and in the places I hang out. Actually, it may work too well, I’ve had a couple instances of random women coming up to me in the coffee shop and they literally would not stop talking to me. (JD 3/1/2002)

SOE is certainly the best product that i have in my arsenal at the current time. It gives great reactions and is not offensive unless used in massive amounts the fragrance fades and it is almost undetectable and the results are interesting to say the least. (WT 2/26/2002)

But growing congrats bruce and james on SOE the stuff kicks ass . . . . (Unknown 2/19/2002)

Well i got my SOE yesterday and tried it out on the way home from the PO and it smells great without the none had a couple of chicks start talking to me got one number . . . . (Unknown 2/19/2002)

But getting back to SOE you will also get sexual type responses it isn’t just a friends only and social type of product it has an effect on females they don’t flirt as hard but usually with heavy none based they flirt and if you don’t respond they run. But with SOE they hang around a lot longer and if you make a move the ladies are still very happy to respond to your overtures . . . . (Unknown 2/20/2002)

SOE – . . . just got my bottle but was surprisingly strong on skin on back of hand. First field test was very positive – chattiness from females most noticeable effect. Tried a dab under my date’s nose last night and either SOE or the three glasses of white wine did the trick. (WH 1/23/2002)

…your Scent of Eros is awesome stuff, and it works “within about 15 seconds” literally… (Unknown 5/4/2002)

SOE is good! While my SOE travels are still very much in infancy (I basically JUST started using it today) I can say this stuff DEFINITELY is doing SOMETHING! (SG 4/30/2002)

I would recommend SOE to start with for every newbie under 25. You might not get the sexual hits that you can get with some of the a-none products, but SOE always does its job (of getting people more friendly/chatty), works with everybody (men and women, old and young) and is easy to apply. (FR 5/13/2002)

I was wearing half a pack of SOE one day and got girls coming up out of the blue talking to me etc… you don’t always have to make the first move some girls will sooner or later find it irresistible to ignore you any longer, SOE tells them “hey, it’s ok”. (TM 5/4/2003)

What I can definitely say about SOE usage is that the aura it creates is the pure definition of “friendly and chatty” Hits u get besides general friendliness , are different from -none hits : Girls chat u up out of the blue because u seem intelligent/trustworthy/”safe”. U do not turn each and every head , like u are used to with -none , however once u get a pure -nol hit its 100% the real deal. She is REALLY REALLY interested ! (TB 5/5/2003)

Of all the products that I have used so far my favorite stand alone product is SOE. I personally believe that SOE best phero product out there that you can use to build a relationship. (SM 5/12/2003)

I think SoE is good for any time. It’s a great product. (LE 8/24/2002)

I first decided to use the SOE gel pack on Friday at just before school, I used about 1/2 of it applied to face and clothing. In some ways it seems like the effects were a bit subtle but then obivous. I think it takes some repetition to get into the groove of this.With the SOE I noticed what I was looking for, which was better social hitting of all kinds. The first thing I noticed is it seems like people in general are more open to talk to you whether you are really in a position to talk or not. (TM 2/9/2003)

SOE seems to be a favorite and a good choice to start with. (JH 8/22/2002)

My first major wild hit was on the asian chick, late twenties, on the bus. SOE seems to get major hits with the younger crowd. There were these two girls that looked like they were about 18 yrs that were right behind in line to get off of the bus. One started to sniff the air and said, “Wow. He smells soooo good!” 😀 I had my earphones on with the sound turned off BTW. (SM 6/15/2002)

In my experience SOE and the SOE gel packs are also great stand alone products. I tend to use the gel packs as an emergency pick-me-up since they are convient to carry around and the -nol and -rone in the SOE makes me feel relaxed. (SM 6/21/2002)

Scent of Eros was worth every damn penny I shelled to Bruce, so I will be getting another roll-on bottle of that . . . . (MK 8/16/2003)

It takes very little SoE to make me want any man that walks in the room, and I must admit I had sex on the brain most of yesterday. (SR-Female 2/22/2003)

I’ve had my share of very sexual hits from wearing SOE alone. (SM 2/25/2003)

I gotta thank SOE because it friken give’s me the most DIHL’s than any other product I have. I was walking trough the hallway and girls would turn and look at me to the point of their neck snapping. Then while I was walking through the hallway a girl I dont really talk too one day just jumped on my back and said “HEY!!!!!” and hugged me really tight thereafter (She’s actually the Alpha Female of the school) she said some other crap but I was’nt lisnting. (PT 3/3/2003)

As for my date, i got a kick ass result from SoE again…. (JG 8/18/2002)

SoE rules i get great action from it, and always compliments and increased attention. (JG 8/13/2002)

SoE is fine, you definitely get attention from it. (JG 8/7/2002)

I am would always recommend SOE, first: it makes everyone friendly and chatty and no negative side-effects second: it makes me feel good also. (FM 8/8/2002)

Myself, I’d be happy recommending Scent of Eros . . . . (BB 3/1/2003)

I tried SOE on my girlfriend to see if she would react to it. I got out of the shower and put on a gel pack of SOE. She approached me and was like…wow what do you have on, you smell great, and was all over me. I was thinking to myself, wow this stuff really works! (WC 8/2/2002)

Scent of Eros . . . . The most noticeable effect is that it seems to erase personal space. Women that are particularly responsive will lean against you, touch you, gaze longingly into your eyes, and be extremely disappointed if you have to leave their company. Most women will be very talkative, they’ll welcome eye contact, smile when you smile, and enjoy being touched. If you’re a sociable, outgoing type of personality, this product will probably get you laid quicker than anything else. Another plus is that it seems to have some kind of positive effect for almost everybody that tries it. (AK 8/2/2002)

Let me just say that SOE is a great product, i have much respect for JKohl, its creator, and think he personally produced a great smelling product…i love the smell of it myself . . . . (MP 7/27/2002)

My favorite product for dates is Scent of Eros. ( . . . already has the best scent of all products sold here IMO.) (AK 7/17/2002)

today I wore SOE at work. 1/2 hour after I put it on, everyone was in this small kitchen. A girl I normally work close by enters the room and goes “Hey, what’s this nice masculine perfume?” She closes in and sniffs. “Hmm, there are some perfumes that really drive me crazy, what was that?” I mumble “That’s Azzaro” (an old cologne that I used to wear as a teenager which is somewhat similar to SOE — actually the first thing that could come to my mind). Later a male friend laughed a lot to jokes I did and said “what’s so different about you today, uh?” Later again, the same girl who sniffed me kept calling me with her boyfriend’s name, tried to justify “the fact is that by working here I spend more time with you than with him so I keep exchanging names between you and him”. I think today’s been an exemplary day of what SOE does on me . . . . (GL 7/23/2002)

Women don’t shamelessly flirt or blatantly check me out when I wear SOE. It’s more like they give me a ³green light². They smile when I smile, hold eye contact, forget about personal space, and are SO happy to be with me that sometimes they won’t let me go. (AK 6/19/2002)

yeah i was at the mall using SoE and i had too much attention from simply anyone…like the most attention i’ve ever had at a mall…i wouldn’t call it sexual necessarily but DEFINITELY, girls would look at me, smile when i saw them, some did double takes etc. people all in all were very friendly and cooperative, not one bad experience the whole day. (JG 7/1/002)

I like SOE too (beside the effect on others) because it’s relaxing me and making me somewhat more open for everything. Nice guy you wanna be ? Better try some S-O-E ! (AD 7/4/2002)

Im 22 and right now SOE seems to be working better for me all by itself than any other combo or product . . . . (MK 7/3/2002)

SOE is always a good choice no matter the age, whatever. You WILL be happy with it (just have confidence in yourself, and secondly in the pheros). (SG 7/1/2002)

. . . I have been getting some amazing hits with SOE! There is a little pizza place near where I work, we order from there a lot, and just pick up take-out. Anyway, I am a pretty young guy, but there is this really beautiful woman about 30-something who works there, and I go in there wearing 2 swipes SOE (a couple of times 2 drops NPA as well) and every damn time I go in there she wants to talk! It’s seriously like she hangs on every word I say, and we only talk about the weather! She just leans over the counter staring into my eyes, it’s like DIHL every time! Did I mention this woman is EXTREMELY beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5′ 2″ petite figure. DAMN! . . . SOE is a beautiful thing. (SG 6/27/2002)

I have only been using SOE the past two days, and so far I am enjoying the results very much. . . . The guy that sits beside me at work helps take care of Desktop computers. A women 40ish, average looking comes to his desk needing a new mouse, her mouse is broke. While he goes to the computer room to get a new mouse, I notice in the reflection on my computer screen, she is staring right at me. (my back is to her). I waited until she looked away so i could turn around. But she gazed for a good 15 seconds. Finally she looks away and I turn around, and say hi. I am still sitting, and ask if she is having trouble with her mouse. She moves closer, her hip against my arm, puts her hand on my shoulder and begins telling me about her day not going well. She is a complete stranger to me, touching me and telling my all about her day. As she talks, she is somwhere between dazed and in a trance. the guy returns with a new mouse, and he breaks her dazed state. For a second she was a little confused, and realizing how close she was to me. She started apologizing, and i said dont worry about it, no problem. After she left, my buddy asked what did I do to her, I said i have no idea (grinning to myself). . . . I love the results and I am a believer. (TC 6/13/2002)

SOE did it again. This stuff for me at least has been very effective and consistent. (BZ 5/24/2002)

I smelled the SOE gel packets and they are great I think, from a female smelling a male perspective. I am planning to order some SOE for hubby, but I’ll have to keep him with me when he wears it LOL. (SP 6/25/2002)

SOE is great stuff. I wear it to work almost every day because it makes people so easy to deal with. . . . Sometimes ladies at work will linger around my desk for no reason. Or sometimes one of them will grab my arm (or wrist, or hand) to talk to me and forget to let go, even after she’s done talking. (AK 6/13/2002)

OK, tonight I wore SOE for the second time. Went to a bar with 3 mates (friends) and just became bar fly’s, doing the usual thing drinking at the bar. However tonight was different, girl after girl came to where we were to order and buy drinks. That’s all ok if the bar was full with people, but it wasn’t! they only came to where we were sitting, the rest of the bar space was empty. Should I attribute this to SOE? you bet I will! This has never happened to me, ever! And the one friend that was skeptical about pheros, kept on looking at me and shaking his head, saying things like, “you might be onto something here”. A few dabs on SOE on me and my other friend sitting next to me was all it took. SOE, does have attraction qualities, seems to be very effective indeed. (BN 5/17/2002)

Scent of Eros has worked very, very well for me, in regard to making girls talkative and flirty. (SS 10/2/2002)

Last night I was sitting at this booth in a local pub with a few friends of mine. About an hour after I arrive I notice an female aquantence of mine enter. She probably knows me the least out of all my friends but I start talking with her as if we’ve been best friends for years. We start flirting with each other and before I know it, her hands on my thigh and my arm is over her shoulder while I’m listening to her tell me how good I smell. She must of mentioned how good I smelt like 3 or 4 times . . . so I know the phero’s were working for me. . . . Any way, this hit was kinda weird cause I totally ridd-off off the whole phero thing up into this point and just decided to work on my confidence and overall attitude around women. I totally discarded the whole phero thing and the only reason I have even been wearing SOE lately is because by the time I decided to not use phero’s my SOE had already been shipped. Yet, I have been doing pretty good with the ladies lately, and up until last night I attributed all my success to the tips I have been learning on certain email sites and in various articles. However, I never once took into consideration that the SOE I have been wearing could have also been of help – to be honest, everytime I applied the SOE I totally forgot I was wearing it after about an hour or so. Any way, I think attraction on a non-physical level is all about one’s inner confidence, attitude and strategy. However, I think pheromones can give you an edge. (LG 8/20/2002)

. . . SOE is great for creating a no-personal space issue and pretty well much the vaccum cleaner effect comes into play. Where they just suck straight into you. (WT 9/28/2002)

Just the other day in one of my classes, I walk in with SOE (not even that much, maybe 1/3 of one of those packets), it is early so it’s only me and one other girl in there that I had never talked to before, then literally 3 minutes later she’s asking me “are you married?” “Gosh, it screws things up so much….” People tend to open up and become very comfortable around you. (CG 9/28/2002)

IMO I think SoE is the best smelling product at love-scent. (LE 9/28/2002)

Also I noticed, right after putting on half a gel pack of SOE from a bathroom, when i walked out back to my table, three girls standing together immediatly turned in unison checking me out at the same time. I have never experienced that. I know it takes time for the mones to kick in, but I think women must love the immediate smell of SOE gel. (BF 1/28/2003)

I have NO complaints about the effectiveness, works beautifully! I see results from it past 12 hours of use. (JN 9/15/2002)

Today I tried just the SOE gel. It smells really nice. A little like the cologne 212. I put it on about 2 hours before class. Low and behold, I happen to sit by an absolute hottie (8 1/2 easy). And she was pretty friendly. We had never met before and just chit chatted. She offered me some of her M&M’s. Hey, it could be worst. (CG 9/17/2002)

SOE is recommended too, i’ve just started experimenting with it and seems to make everyone around me more chatty, flirty and calm. (GM 9/17/2002)

17 year old male hispanic speaking. when it comes to SoE, i’ve never had a bad experience. i feel VERY happy when wearing it, and people do seem to react to it – girls talk to me more when i’m wearing it, and will find any excuse to have even a short conversation with me, and will even greet me 5 times a day (i’m not kidding!). (EB 9/9/2002)

I think SOE is generally accepted to be one of the most popular and effective pheromones out there. I think almost everyone gets good results from it. (JDM 9/12/2002)

Ive been using SOE for a while now, and ive noticed many things happening!!! People are always really chatty, friends offer to take me out for free Never a bad word said around me, so general wicked stuff!!!!!!!!!!! (AS 9/12/2002)

I’ve written a good bit about how much I love SOE. It gives me energy, seems to clear my head and make my mood more positive, and it also feels very comforting to me somehow. . . . It certainly made a huge difference the day I wore it around my SO. We talked more easily and fluently than we ever have, and actually got some long-standing issues solved that I never thought we would be able to get to the bottom of. When I wear it at work, the guys I work with give more eye contact with darker pupils and they tend to reveal more about themselves in conversation. . . . I believe it definitely eases social interaction. (FTR 9/12/2002)

I agree with you 110% that SOE is great. When I wear it, it totally changes my mood, I’m normally a really friendly person, and easy to get along with….SOE takes it up another step. When I wear it, it’s like people single me out of a large group and start talking to me. I was wearing it to work today, and I had so many people come up to me chatting, asking questions, etc I thought I had “INFORMATION KIOSK” tattooed across my forehead. When I can’t fall asleep I put a very small dab of gel under my nose, that calms me down like a tranquilizer dart. lol . . . . Works too well, and smells too good! (JN 9/13/2002)

So far I’ve had good reaction from SOE, about the scent anyway. Most women do comment on it, all of them good and haven’t had any negative responses. (JS 9/11/2002)

JVK: I’ve wanted to say this to you since my first hit with SoE gel….EXCELLENT JOB!!!! =~) As far as the smell goes, you should make an oil called “The scent of Scent of Eros” LOL I get A LOT of compliments from SoE when I’m wearing it, if I’m waiting in line at a store, women will usually say “Someone smells good!” or “That cologne you’re wearing smells great, what’s the name of it?” then comes the part where she starts chatting up a storm. My friend’s girlfriend who’s a bit on the neurotic side was tense as piano wire today (9/11/02) She was getting really upset, so to try to get her mind off of the subject I said “My friend bought me this cologne oil when she went to the mall the other day, what do you think of it?” After she took a whiff of it, she calmed down almost immediately, and started to talk about her job and college. . . . It’s truly a great product, and I’m certainly keeping it as my main stand alone pheromone product. (JN 9/12/2002)

SOE is definitely THE key to success for you. You’re young (although SOE works great for any age), and you’re not directly into sexual hits. SOE will cause girls to be chattier and more social. Order some SOE oil and some SOE gel packets. Just take a look on the boards: there are not many pheromones products out there which guarantee success for almost everyone. You can’t go wrong with SOE! (MM 9/10/2002)

. . . I’d recommend the SOE (gel or roll-on type.) It really works, the inventor is a Scientist, and the stuff smells great. (JN 9/11/2002)

Another good product that I recomend is Scent of Eros. It is a great mood uplifter for the wearer and people around the wearer. Great for getting rid of nervousness of first dates. (SM 9/9/2002)

SOE roll bottles. Good for improving your mood and everyone around you. Great for first dates since it makes a relaxed atmosphere. (SM 9/4/2002)

since you are a newbie, you should get SoE in your first order. It’s one of the products that delivers hits (chatty-type) almost out-of-the-box. The SoE gels are very good too. (NB 9/4/2002)

. . . I have been using SOE quite a bit in many situations. For me this product has been very reliable in raising the mood of people around me. (SM 9/9/2002)

Did I have luck with pheros in LA. I most certainly did. Thanks to SOE I now have of pen . . . er . . . e-mail pals from all over the country. (SM 8/11/2002)

For you I would recomend Scent of Eros oil and/or gel packs. The product smells great plus the androstenol in the product will make everyone around you more relaxed therefore it would make you more approachable. (SM 9/5/2002)

SoE – Best product by far, men do not seem to have a negative reaction towards it . . . . (BV 1/10/2003)

SOE smells very good and is not so easy to overdose on. It has the reputation of being a friendliness-chatiness-let’sjustbefriends pheromone. But I think all the friendliness-chatiness is women trying to keep the flow going so that the guy hurries up and seduces them. In any case, most forum members agree that the effects (whether sexual or platonic) are good. (AKA 10/4/2002)

. . . it works it’s magic in making people happy and friendly. (WH 10/4/2002)

I say just buy some Scent of Eros…I’m convinced this stuff works and I think any guy having problems w/ -none products needs to try this because there isn’t any -none in it at all, its mostly -nol which should work great for pretty much anyone (DB 1/13/2002)

I’ve been using SOE for a couple of days and I decided to go with James’ recommendation of application to the skin. . . . I had a couple drinks with two women tonight, one I’d just met through the other. The one I’d just met was prety talkative, knee touching mine and her pupils were dilated. I’d call that a hit. (FB 1/14/2002)

I got my SOE on Tuesday and I must say it smells good to me. . . . So far I noticed people around me are more comfortable when Im wearing SOE . . . . (FR 1/16/2002)

I got my SOE that I ordered Tuesday. I test drive the product of James Kolh and I would say something is in it. I have noticed behaviors, mine as well as women. First, let me say what I think about the product. The idea of having it in roll on is much better than spray, you have control on the amount you use. As to the scent it is very mild w/c I love it because it does not hurt my nose when I smell it. It is something thatwhen you smell the cologne you just wanted to smell it, smell it, smell it and ask yourself and think what kind a scent is that. You tend to think of a smilarity but its just hard to compare. As far as behavior is concern, first,I’ve noticed it to myself. I am not extrovert person maybe because I’m in different country and english is my second language.But when I tried using SOE something has changed in me, when I was around women I was confidently talking to them . . . . And for the women’s behavior, everyday when I drop the daugther of my friend at school parents have to wait at the hall way of the build before bringing the children inside the classroom. I thought of using SOE no other cologne or what so ever before taking my friends daugther to school and see how it works. Before, when I go there I just get some looks no smiles but this time I was just getting smiles everywhere in the buildingthen, I just found myself talking to the parents, whats going on here? I something is in the air inside the building that made the people pleasant. (TS 1/17/2002)

What is really wiered is women reacts right away. What James Kolh was talking about is not BS you’ve got to try dude. (TS 1/18/2002)

I haven’t tried combinations of different product but the one I am using now is Scent Of Eros wich works really well. (TS 1/20/2002)

Well, I just got back from my trip to the mall and I must say SOE is tha sh!t!!! Althoughthe people I was supposed to be going with didn’t end up coming, I noticed a lot of glances from other ladies in the stores, especially the ones that were crowded. I also ran into a friend of mine and she had another one of her friends with her. She couldn’t stop smiling! This stuff works. (JB 1/21/2002)

I agree with you, there is something with SOE. I myself could not believe it, last night I was at Round Table Pizza and this girl sitting across me is making an eye contact to me…..SHIT !! if she was not with another guy I could have gotten her name and phone number. Same thing what happened when I was a the grocery store. Mostly my hits are teens and early 30’s. (TS 1/21/2002)

I’d like to share what happened to me last night when I went to my friends house. Story: Last night I called up my friend and asked her if I could come by at her house. She told me that her friend that she introduced to me couple of years a ago was there. I said cool I want to see her. I told her not to tell her that I’m coming over. That friend of her HATES me very much and I do not know why. Maybe at that time when I was using “None” it is to offensive for her. But anyway, I thought SOE might change her attitude. Before going to my friends house I ordered Pizza and brought it. When I got to her house her friend saw me and has that fricking big smile on her face. I made joke to her saying “You must be in a good mood”. She just smiled and did not answer. To make the story short, we had dinner, joking around, and she’s giving me an eye contact signalling me of something. As the night fades I offered her a ride home and she said “ok”. So in short we left and I drove her home. Before she steped out the car she kissed me not on the chick but in the lipsher lips stayed in my lips maybe 3 seconds and waiting for me to respond, so I responded back we were kissing each other very good 5 to 8 minutes in the car. Our hands were just crowling everywhere because we were so hot already we ended up in her bedroom. And you know what happened after that. (TS 1/23/2002)

I have used SOE in class now for three times. Today and also monday a female classmate that was sitting near me just couldnt stop talking. It was like something pulled the trigger and then it was just unbelievable, I mean she was hyperactive. It also seemed everybody in the room got a little buzz andgot more active and chatty. (FR 1/23/2002)

. . . I’ve noticed more flirty/talkative behavior with SOE . . . . (DB 1/23/2002)

The SOE smells much more citrus-y than musky to me. There’s no reason a woman should not want to use it. There’s really nothing distinctly masculine OR feminine about it, in my opinion. Just a nice, light, clean scent. My compliments to the perfumer! (OW 1/26/2002)

I just got my SOE yesterday, and that’s what I used last night with excellent results. (OW 1/27/2002)

. . . . I was still the one who had to start the conversation, but this too wasmore easy with phero’s on. First because the raised self-confidence (directly caused by the phero’s and indirectly by a placebo-effect) and second because the SOE. Ive never experienced such a night so you might understand im a SOE-fan by now. Im thinking about my second order of SOE already. (FR 1/28/2002)

. . . . you should really try SOE, she’ll be more friendly/flirtatious and open w/ you. talking will be an ease and who knows, the friendlier/flirtier behavior could spark something deeper than friendship, it may cause her to see you in a different light (DB 1/28/2002)

. . . . there’s no doubt it works. (AKA 1/30/2002)

Yesterday I asked a female friend what she thought of SOE. She said she liked it because it smells “attractive”. I’ve never been told that before. (FB 1/30/2002)

I just got my SOE yesterday, and what started out as a test turned into a dangerous liaison. No details, because a) those who believe me will be quick to moralize and b) you never know who reads these posts. Here’s what I’ve got to report: SOE smells great. IMO this stuff is comparable to name brand colognes. It’s complex, distinct and very well balanced. . . . I don’t consider SOE to be a unisex fragrance at all. Maybe it’s my skin chemistry, but even when I sniff the roller cap I think “manly scent”. On the other hand this stuff makes ME feel very horny. Either I’ve got some serious latency issues or this formula could prove successful for the ladies. You don’t need much at all. A small swipe on either side of my neck and a dab between my wrists was plenty. (AKA 1/30/2002)

By the way, SOE is “KICKING ASS” (TS 2/1/2002)

It actually has a very pleasant subtle smell, even as it ages on the skin. In fact I asked a female friend to smell the bottle and she described it as “very soothing”. (SB 2/1/202)

. . . . I’ve gotten an impressive number of hits from wearing SOE on its own. Some of these hits have been pretty awesome: a girl sticking her head out from behind her boyfriend to check me out, a coffee-shop full of women all seated so that they face me, a gorgeous girl in an elevator staring at me with a warm smile on her face (jose will be proud of me because I DID get her name and number), a cute girl that seemingly followed me all around the grocery store (I caught a reflection of her staring at me in the frozen foods section). . . . To be fair, it seems that SOE is an excellent seduction tool even if I’m not getting lots of hits. In fact I hooked up with a woman, that I’ve had my eye on for a long time, who didn’t seem responsive to any other brews I’ve tried on her. I think there’s something to James Kohl’s repulsion hypothesis of Androstenone because girls seem much less guarded with their personal space and a bit more likely to touch me when I wear SOE. Friday night I had several girls dancing all over me and one of them kept thrusting her butt into my crotch. ( In a club setting, I got the impression that I could just go up to a stranger and start fondling her without negative consequences. I’ll let you all know if I ever try it.) At work, I got quite a lot of shoulder pats (even from guys), a couple of secretaries leaning into me, and one woman laying her hand on my thigh. Speaking of work… This is one place where SOE might become habitual. . . . When I wore SOE everybody, including upper management, seemed eager to help me and concerned with my needs. (AKA 2/3/2002)

I like SOE and from what I read on this forum SOE works for almost everybody. . . . (FR 2/6/2002)

From my own experiences and the posts on this forum I must say SOE is VERY good in breaking the ice . . . . (FR 2/7/2002)

I’ve been wearing small doses of SOE to work every day for the past two weeks and people’s trust and respect have gone up dramatically. Not to mention everybody seems to love me. People’s reactions have been so good that it’s starting to spook me. (AKA 2/16/2002)

You guys are right on the effects of SOE having an effect on guys and girls. It makes em more relaxed women still flirt but are comfortable around you to. Without the run away sometimes of none. (DD 2/20/2002)

WOrking in the inner city in a major department store in the CBD using pheromones is of the probably greatest benefit to myself ever i make a killing on others and it does work folks. the bonuses for meeting sales targets is good to. (DD 2/22/2002)

I’m having great luck with SOE on its own. (AKA 2/24/2002)

Today I took JVK’s advice and used SOE alone. . . .Just SOE. . . . Well things were normal until a girl was talking to someone next to me. I had my back to her and actually didn’t even know she was there when all of a sudden I felt two arms around me and her face was right next to me. She said hi raider. I was like yeaaaaaahhh babyyyy. I wouldn’t have believed it if it didn’t happen to me. Thanks JVK. I’m gonna try the same thing maybe even a bit more at a party I’m going to soon. (RD 2/28/2002)

I’ve been wearing SOE to work for several weeks. Mostly for the friendliness/respect factor (even the handful of chronic sourpusses are warm and cooperative with me), but I’m sure there’s more to it. I’ve gotten a number of not-so-subtle signs of attraction (eg. “Is it hot in here, or is it me?”). But after yesterday there can’t be a shadow of a doubt. An intern told me she had a crush on me, and a secretary came onto me very strongly. It was after quitting time. I walked into my office and found her sitting/reclining in my chair, showing off her legs in a very suggestive posture. I probably looked a little shocked (because I was), and she sort of giggled. “Sorry.” she said. “I just like your chair.” (It’s the exact same kind of chair that she has at her desk BTW.) Then she started swiveling right and left, revealing everything her mini-skirt barely hid. “It’s OK. I’m just locking up to go home.” I said. “So soon?” “It’s Friday.” “You’ve got a hot date planned?” “No.” “Hmm. What’s wrong with that picture?” “What do you mean?” I asked. “There’s no significant somebody waiting for you somewhere?” “No.” “Then what’s your rush?” Of course it could have been entrapment (and I left anyway), but I think it was the mones. (AKA 3/2/2002)

I can’t say I have proof that SOE works, but I’ve hooked up with 4 different girls in the last two weekends of using it, and before them I haven’t gotten any since November! (DS 3/4/2002)

My sweetheart is very moody and often distrustful .For this reason ,SOE is perfect.It is a mood raiser and appears to influence people to like you and want to talk . She has reacted to it somewhat like this . I can see her facially pick up the scent and then I get interesting stares from her. On day one after making sure she had exposure , Iwent back to my desk .Within 15 minutes she was over my desk asking for dental floss and needing help to learn how to cut a piece off?!?!? THIS IS A DEFINITE POSITIVE REACTION . (OM 3/29/2002)

Hey everybody. I got my order of SOE a couple of weeks ago and haven’t really had the chance to use it…until last night. I put 2 strips (dont know how long) on my neck, one on each wrist, and one down the majority of my chest and stomach. The situation – Nothin big. One of my friends was having some women come up to the crib just to chill. I’ve met all these women before and nothin seemed to be happenin but when they arrived tonight I was astonished because they all hugged me and my friends girlfriend kissed me on my neck while huggin me (ssshhh noone knows that ;P) So the night gets poppin, the women seem def. more talkative then normal and one of them asks me to come show her how to use my computer and well lets just say that’s not all she wanted me to go show her. So overall a good night and I can’t give anything else credit except SOE. Who would’ve thought? (ED 3/30/2002)

SOE used to be a dissapointment for me. but lately it’s moved up to the top of my list. I like it for it’s consistency now. girls just be looking at me without restrictions. hey i like that. i don’t have to come on to them. (BB 3/30/2002)

I think everyshould try SOE first, because : 1. it always works 2. it is easy to apply 3. it is almost impossible to OD (FR 3/31/2002)

I have worn Scent of Eros nearly everyday for the month of March. Always applying a stripe under each arm, under my pecs, on the back of my neck and from my navel downward.(Just in case I get lucky) (I also where a bit of Dunhill Desire behind the old ears) And I can say with certainty that I have become more “approachable” by women. I get more hugs and they tend to linger in my space much longer. I have not been “hitting” back much except in the case of a young woman who is new at work. I asked her if she wanted to go dancing and she said yes. So we have a date next week. Cool. (AR 4/4/2002)

i split up with my girlfriend last new year and i was heartbroken.but on friday i bumped into her and I had my usual soe on the reaction off her was very friendly and said she would like to meet up on saturday night. i said ok on the night I wore xcite wipes on hair and soe on neck covered this with joop. I couldnt believe the way say went on she was just a sex machine couldnt leave off me in the seven years ive known her never has she been like this ever. this stuff works im convinced. (MC 4/10/2002)

SOE will make women friendlier, more likely to touch you, less defensive about their personal space, more open to seduction. SOE smells great on its own. I’ve been using it a lot lately and typically wear 2-3 three inch swipes on my neck and one dab on my wrists. Good luck! (AKA 4/13/2002)

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